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Dan and Paul have a combined 25 years working in commercial roofing. They have experience helping contractors
across the country become more productive. They’ve also assisted nearly every roofing manufacturer with wind uplift testing and design. As ComStruct Sales, LLC they continue to gain expertise in the products they represent, providing potential solutions to your most challenging projects.

Utilizing their engineering backgrounds, ComStruct Sales, LLC works with architects, consultants, and specifiers to
ensure the products you install are included in more specifications. They also have experience in marketing and will use these skills, along with the latest marketing tools, to build brand awareness and increase the demand for the work you do.

Dan and Paul have each spent over 20 years working at some of the largest industrial companies based in Illinois.
They’ve amassed a tremendous network of personal and professional friends, including building owners and developers, that they can count on to help grow your business. Their former customers and colleagues are making decisions about their buildings within manufacturing, packaging, distribution, beverage, construction, energy, and other markets.